Popular Positions in the Field for a Certified Hearing Aid Technician

It’s commonly known that there is a shortage of hearing aid professionals available to fill the extensive amount of open job positions. Once licensed, hearing aid technicians have an extensive amount of choices on where they can practice their skills.

Retail Hearing Aid Sales

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, now is your chance! The private sector of hearing aid sales from retail stores is booming. Have the chance to run a successful business and help members of your community. The hearing aid industry is one of the few retail businesses that can boast a 100% customer satisfaction rate. By having happy customers, you as the business owner will be the talk of the town and receive many positive recommendations by current clients to their friends and family members.

Large Medical Hospitals

Patients in the hospital may seek hearing aids from the advice of their doctors and nurses. You’ll be able to work hands on with highly educated doctors to assist a high volume of patients. Hospitals are a great environment for motivated technicians to practice their skills by working with a wide range of client needs. Working in a hospital is an excellent way to further your education because of the wide variety of medical cases you’ll see.  Gratification is always a part of your daily routine.

Private Practices

Many of the best ENT doctors have hearing aid technicians on staff to fully meet the needs of their patients. By working in a private practice you’ll get to build a connection with patients and see them improve more with every visit. With a doctor always close by they’ll be an excellent resource to also learn more from. You may even be able to teach the doctor a thing or two about hearing aids as the medical training they receive only touches on the basic elements of hearing aid practices.

Not every technician works their best in one environment. By becoming a licensed hearing aid professional you have the option to practice in different settings; giving you the best chance of success. In addition to success, having these options gives you as a technician an option for work schedules. Different shifts are always available. Your certification offers a choice that many professionals cannot enjoy.



Job Demand – Why experts are needed so urgently

Unlike other career paths, a solid health care system is something each community in the country needs. Qualified health professionals will always be in demand as medical practices advance and we grow as a whole. Hearing aids can be sought out for many reasons by members of your community of any age. Professionals are needed to improve their quality of life so they can enjoy time with family, their jobs as well as every beautiful sound the world has to offer.

Recent statistics estimate that for every one qualified and licensed hearing aid professional on average six positions are available. These positions range from the private sector, to front end retail, large hospitals and small practices. As the baby boomers grow into senior citizenship the need for hearing aids increases. Those in need of hearing aids depending on insurance, their financial situation as well as location may seek out services from different locations. This requires a trained professional to be present in all medical wellness practices across the country.

A hearing aid technician is a respected position within the community. The courses are rigorous and an extensive amount of knowledge on hearing aids and how hearing works is important. General medical professionals are unable to help these patients and don’t want to see their health care hindered by not having qualified staff members available.

With traditional courses the time to become qualified averages four to six years. The need for professionals has been ongoing and The Hearing Aid Academy is the only vocational school in the world that can teach individuals the tools they need in a much shorter period of time.

The medical field always has an extensive need for qualified individuals. Doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical staff are respected within the community and are sometimes even looked at as heroes. Having the ability to positively impact a patient’s life is a wonderful feeling.

The Busy Lives of Students – An Insight to Those Attending the Academy

Busy Moms and Dads, fresh high school graduates, medical professionals and college students are just a small taste of the wide range of backgrounds the current and previous students of The Hearing Aid Academy.

Our course provides a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to better themselves, their families and their own future by getting a valuable education. Our campus is quite large, extending over the whole United States. We have many buildings and chances are students are all around you. How is this possible you may ask? Well our campus is fully online! Anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection you can log onto the cloud based school to slip in a quick class or a long study session for your next unit exam.

We understand that it isn’t possible nor practical to attend classes during the day. Many students have children, jobs to support themselves or other obligations that prevent them from attending a traditional day school. With the advances of technology we’ve been able to bring a great course online to work around your schedule. Our students finish the course within 3-6 months on average. Students tell us they take a course during their lunch break at work, after the kids have gone to sleep or over the weekends. Some even study in pajamas!

Students understand that an education is important for a successful career. At The Hearing Aid Academy we want to provide that exact education. Having the chance ourselves to meet such a great bunch of diverse students is an additional plus.

Meet The Team of Experts at The Hearing Aid Academy!

The team of educators at The Hearing Aid Academy have over sixty years of combined experience in the healthcare field of hearing health! It’s from their wealth of experience and extensive knowledge base that they were able to develop and expand the online vocational hearing aid school. So who is exactly behind The Hearing Aid Academy?

The director of The Hearing Aid Academy, Dennis Gunn worked hands on with other likeminded professionals to cultivate the rich and vigorous education the online course offers. Dennis has always believed that as a director it was his job to ensure the highest possible quality education in an easy to learn format. On a daily basis along with his close team of advisors, they stay on top of new technology, methods and products to update the course to reflect new practices.

In addition to Dennis and his team of advisors the admission staff at The Hearing Aid Academy are consistently hard at work talking to potential students about the school. They’re eager to show students how the school can benefit them and love to answer any questions prospective students may have. The admissions to The Hearing Aid Academy operate on a rolling basis and the admissions staff are continuously screening new students and guiding them through the easy three step process.

Behind the scenes are technical staff ensuring the school is always online, administrative assistants working to keep your information secure and organized as well as a phone support team to talk to new and existing students at any time.

Everyone is rooting for student’s success and believes the school has the tools they need to succeed. With friendly smiles and knowledge, they welcome every student aboard with open arms.