Popular Positions in the Field for a Certified Hearing Aid Technician

It’s commonly known that there is a shortage of hearing aid professionals available to fill the extensive amount of open job positions. Once licensed, hearing aid technicians have an extensive amount of choices on where they can practice their skills.

Retail Hearing Aid Sales

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, now is your chance! The private sector of hearing aid sales from retail stores is booming. Have the chance to run a successful business and help members of your community. The hearing aid industry is one of the few retail businesses that can boast a 100% customer satisfaction rate. By having happy customers, you as the business owner will be the talk of the town and receive many positive recommendations by current clients to their friends and family members.

Large Medical Hospitals

Patients in the hospital may seek hearing aids from the advice of their doctors and nurses. You’ll be able to work hands on with highly educated doctors to assist a high volume of patients. Hospitals are a great environment for motivated technicians to practice their skills by working with a wide range of client needs. Working in a hospital is an excellent way to further your education because of the wide variety of medical cases you’ll see.  Gratification is always a part of your daily routine.

Private Practices

Many of the best ENT doctors have hearing aid technicians on staff to fully meet the needs of their patients. By working in a private practice you’ll get to build a connection with patients and see them improve more with every visit. With a doctor always close by they’ll be an excellent resource to also learn more from. You may even be able to teach the doctor a thing or two about hearing aids as the medical training they receive only touches on the basic elements of hearing aid practices.

Not every technician works their best in one environment. By becoming a licensed hearing aid professional you have the option to practice in different settings; giving you the best chance of success. In addition to success, having these options gives you as a technician an option for work schedules. Different shifts are always available. Your certification offers a choice that many professionals cannot enjoy.



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