The Busy Lives of Students – An Insight to Those Attending the Academy

Busy Moms and Dads, fresh high school graduates, medical professionals and college students are just a small taste of the wide range of backgrounds the current and previous students of The Hearing Aid Academy.

Our course provides a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to better themselves, their families and their own future by getting a valuable education. Our campus is quite large, extending over the whole United States. We have many buildings and chances are students are all around you. How is this possible you may ask? Well our campus is fully online! Anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection you can log onto the cloud based school to slip in a quick class or a long study session for your next unit exam.

We understand that it isn’t possible nor practical to attend classes during the day. Many students have children, jobs to support themselves or other obligations that prevent them from attending a traditional day school. With the advances of technology we’ve been able to bring a great course online to work around your schedule. Our students finish the course within 3-6 months on average. Students tell us they take a course during their lunch break at work, after the kids have gone to sleep or over the weekends. Some even study in pajamas!

Students understand that an education is important for a successful career. At The Hearing Aid Academy we want to provide that exact education. Having the chance ourselves to meet such a great bunch of diverse students is an additional plus.


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